Website DevelopmentWeb development and improvements typically follows, or coincides with the design phase, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding, along with styling, visual-aids, and website functionality. Our developers and I will combine the "Styling" and "Functional" components and make the web page come to life. A collaboration of hard work ensures the website is operating at full capacity, and is error free, until the last development steps of the project are completed. We then test the site and at the same time check for performance. Usually, when other companies design or build a website they either go to a design firm, who also outsources the technology, or perhaps they find a software/technology business who typically uses standard website design templates. Not us, our work is done in house and with trusted partners.

Another part of a website development is e-Commerce. If you're looking for an e-Commerce option that provides scalability, and flexibility, in addition to administrative control, an open source platform is a good start. You'll be able to have total control over your design, styling, and functionality including the checkout process, along with repayment gateways. We’ll work with accounting to give you plenty of options for payments from the startup all the way to final payment, and know you're happy that your site is working as planned.


Web site Design GraphicDEVROD delivers quality designed website, optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to improve your on-line presents. Internet site designers and I will personally layout your site to represent you along with your business. No Cookie-Cutter, One-Size-Fit-All web sites that may be wasteful and also inefficient for you and your business. Instead, we will deliver a uniquely personalized web site that sets you apart from the crowd. A site designed to boost the opportunity of your business and it's accomplishments. A website constructed with a solid foundation especially suited for search engine positioning. Your organization can not ignore the mobile usage trend. Many of today's companies do not have a user friendly mobile web presence and therefore are losing market shares because of it. Your business has a possibility, right now, to separate yourself from your competitors by providing your site consumers an effective mobile experience. Devrod does mobile web designs by means of what's know as responsive web design, and our mobile web design uses the latest in style and design technology to give your site the most effective performance available.

However, if you're on a tight budget and want to just get started with something. Our designers and I are well versed in CMS systems like WordPress. Their drawback is performance and the ability to tweak for Search Engine Optimization, but if that's what you want we can do it for a substantial reduction in cost, and still do it better than most others!


Web Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) GraphicOur own experience dates back to before there was a Google, and most others search engines. As a Certified SEO Professional, Our developers and I know SEO like no one else. We know that the greatest success of a web site is being found on the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. While aesthetics is essential, the coolest site on the planet is irrelevant if no one knows it exist. So, optimization is our main goal for websites both new and re-designed. Search engine optimization used to be an easy process. Just add a couple of meta-tag keywords to your internet site and you were good to go! But meta-tag keywords are no longer useful. In fact, search engines essentially ignored them and have several years! Today, search engines like Google and the others reward web sites which have relevant content, possess a good user interface and are responsive to the cellular web's requirements of its narrow bandwidth. Additionally, other considerations we use are;

  • Site Navigation
  • Content Presentation
  • User Experience
  • Content Management
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Site Management and Training